Blue Hook Creative has a simple rule, creative must be creative. It must be thought provoking, original, and drive measurable action that exceeds the imagination of our clients.

One of our founding principles, the one that drives all others, is the hatred of the mundane. Like most shops, we say we do things different to achieve results that are beyond what some believe are possible. But unlike most shops, we actually do.

So often in today’s advertising, many ideas start out great but end up diluted, watered down, and boring – Typically due to the “approval by committee” structure present in so many of today’s creative departments. While this creates “safe” advertising, it doesn’t always allow for maximum results.

At Blue Hook Creative this isn’t a problem. The founding partners continually push each other to be more creative, think bigger, and take more risks. This approach allows us to shatter expectations.



Branding is more than a cool logo and picking your favorite color. It’s understanding who you are, how you want to be seen by your audience, and the culture you want to create.


We’ll get to know your business inside and out. We’ll then strategically build out a customized marketing plan – one that aligns with your business goals and objectives. 


Since we’re a full service creative agency, we are capable of creating every bit of collateral your audience will see. Be it print, digital, UX, outdoor, etc., we’ve got you covered.


Any campaign in today’s technological world requires a heavy digital strategy. We will build a complete digital presence and solid SEO ensuring your audience can easily find you online.


We realize creating campaigns that work for you requires communication – lots of communication. Because the best creative isn’t born in a vacuum, we’ll be in constant contact with you along the way to make sure we’re creating something that you (and your audience) will love.



Definitely not the sexiest part of the creative process, but arguably one of the most important, Blue Hook Creative dives deep into the research. After all, award-winning creative isn’t award-winning just because it looks cool, it has to drive action and achieve measurable results.
Our research process starts by learning all we can about you, your market, competitors and audience.


Before we start to build out new campaigns and present you with jaw-dropping creative, we first need to learn about your business. What have you done in the past? What worked? What could be improved upon? By having this background, we can begin understanding what you’re looking for and determine the best way to get there.

Wealso want to know how you see your brand, how you want to position it, and your overall approach. Yes, this means we need to have some meetings – don’t worry, we’ll bring the coffee.


Now that we have an understanding of you and your market, we delve into your audience. We need to know exactly who they are and how they operate. We create audience profiles that segment your audience into specified, individual groups. This will determine how we approach your strategy and creative execution.



Based on the research we’ve conducted and discussions with you to fully understand who you and your audience are as well as your goals and objectives, we build a creative strategy. This is the roadmap we’ll take the the UX design, media strategy and creative execution.


We don’t just make kick ass logos and campaigns. We can build your website from scratch. This starts with UX design (for those of you who don’t know, this is the process of “enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability”) Basically, we create your website so it’s full of valuable information and presented in a way that makes sense to the end user. There are also more meetings in this stage…we’ll bring bagels this time.


The best product and coolest campaign won’t work if it’s not being seen by the right people. We’re experts at placing products in the proper channels so they can be seen by your audience. We review your budget and goals and determine the placement that will yield the highest ROI.



This is where the fun begins. If the research is the road-map, then the creative strategy is a 1969 GTO on an open desert road.

Because we know all about your business and audience, we can create design, messaging, and content that drives them to action. In this stage, we create your branding, marketing collateral, website, and all other client facing materials. We also determine the best ways and places to deploy the creative so it’s seen by the right people.


In today’s highly technological world, you’ll need more than a website to make a digital splash. Based on our research (see, told you it was important) we know where your audience hangs out online and we know the best ways to engage them. We are experts at determining the perfect formula to generate the most buzz for the budget…this could be social media, SEO or display ads.


The creative work has to go somewhere. Using our media strategy and your budget, we’ll purchase spots in both the print and digital world. We’ll have a heavy emphasis on your digital presence and create campaigns that will specifically target your audience.



The old saying, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing”, while cliché, is true. Based on your goals, we’ll monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tweak placements and spend as necessary to ensure your campaign is on-point and generating the results you expect. We never stop working for you and your brand and will continually evolve our efforts for maximum results. 


Once the campaign is live doesn’t mean it’s over. We will schedule regular meetings with you and your team to discuss results, upcoming strategies and campaigns, and to gather feedback on our process and solutions.



Partner & Creative Director

Jake Blocker knew he was destined for the graphic arts from the moment he first opened up Microsoft PowerPoint in middle school. Fortunately for you, he eventually moved on to the Adobe Creative Suite. He continued developing his passion for design in college at the University of Oklahoma where he received his BA in Advertising. Unlike many creatives, Jake has a better understanding of marketing and strategy and how it should work with design.

He’s not one for cool designs with no true strategy. After working on a freelance basis as well as in a corporate environment, he partnered with Matt Pollett to create Blue Hook Creative. When not gulping down gallons of coffee and creating killer strategies and designs, Jake enjoys snowboarding in the winter and rooftop patio drinking in the summer.


Partner & Strategic Director

As a kid, Matt would spend hours looking at magazine ads and then recreate and improve them with his mechanical pencils and school notebooks. While this didn’t impress his teachers, or help him excel at biology, it did play an important part in defining his future.  

Although most definitely a creative, Matt is a unique when it comes to advertising. He excels at big picture thinking but has a love for cause and effect relationships. This combination helps him connect the dots of campaign when developing strategy. Matt finds inspiration in every day experiences and some of his biggest ideas come to him while mountain biking or running. 


We’d love to discuss what Blue Hook Creative can do for your business. Fill out the form and we’ll connect with you ASAP.